Published Works

An Invitation (Medium)An invitation (coming Spring 2017)

This is the novella version of the short story published in the Eroticon 2017 anthology. It describes the passionate night which followed my seduction by a handsome French couple.

I was an exchange student studying philosophy in France when older couple Marie and Pierre and I connected over music and wine. As our friendship developed, sensuous feelings emerged between the three of us. This is the story of what happened as we allowed these feelings to grow between us and explored various sensual scenarios together. Overcoming my reluctance towards male-male sensuality, I found deeper and lasting meaning to our adventure, beyond the bounds of the sexual ecstasy we shared on those nights. This is the story of my awakening.

The bisexual initiation of a curious young man by a sensuous French couple. A nuanced, richly detailed take on a familiar threesome scenario, with themes of soft dominance and male bisexuality told with a sex-positive tone. A story for bisexual men and the men and women who love them.


Eroticon AnthologyIdentity: An Eroticon Anthology

Edited by Anna Sky, Identity showcases a diverse collection of personal essays and stories by over twenty sex toy reviewers, non-fiction sex writers and erotic fiction authors. It boasts a breadth of talent from a range of new and established writers alike, all of whom are attendees of the 2017 Eroticon conference in London. It’s a sex-positive anthology, moving from the heteronormative to show a truly representative cross-section of erotic identity.

A short version of “An Invitation” containing the first¬†chapters of the story was proudly published here, along with works by over 20 sharp and inspiring authors.